Homeschool curriculum

Homeschool curriculum

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Homeschool curriculum

Homeschool curriculum

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When you're looking for a magazine for preschoolers, you want something colorful, educational, and engaging. It should be a complement to the approach you're taking in a homeschool curriculum. The features within the magazine should be able to form a basis for the teaching you're planning in the coming week. You can find all of this in "Turtle," a publication for 2- to 5-year-olds from U.S. Kids.


Available from newsstands for around $4, the magazine for preschoolers won an award in 2013 from Parents' Choice. It isn't intended to be a publication that kids read alone. Instead, the aim is to bring parent and child together, meaning that mom or dad will be able to add further facts as kids work on their reading. Make sure you have crayons at the ready, too, as there are plenty of coloring activities to be enjoyed within the magazine.One of the main features within the magazine is stories, using language that won't be too challenging for the target age group. The plots normally coincide with the seasons, with fun illustrations of elaborate characters. Many of the stories even have morals, focusing on friendship, respect, and kindness. All of the exciting content is wonderful to read at bedtime, and who knows, the gripping, easy-to-read tales could soon become a family favorite.


The design of a magazine for preschoolers matters. If the pages are too cluttered, it could mean that a child's attention is easily distracted. The makers of "Turtle" magazine have accounted for this, ensuring that each feature is given plenty of room. Fun activities dotted throughout each issue include spot-the-difference puzzles, and basic math and English problems to help kids develop literacy and numeracy.Recipes included within the book also encourage children to get cooking. One potential downside to this feature could be that some dishes require ingredients you might not readily have in the house. Also, for younger readers who ask "can i pay someone to write my paper ", the activities may be slightly outside of their age range. Due to how a lot of development occurs between the ages of 2 and 5, it's possible that your child may only be interested in a portion of the features that directly appeal to their age group.

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